Attendance Procedures

A reminder of school attendance procedures

For the smooth and safe operation of the school day, we appreciate your support with the attendance procedures outlined below:

  • Parents/guardians should use the email address to notify the school of absence giving the reason and a copy of the medical cert where appropriate.
  • If a student needs to leave school early, email stating the time and giving permission. This must be done by 8.30am on the morning the student is to leave early. The attendance email is not monitored after this time.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to come to the school office at the time indicated to sign out. School staff are not in a position to go and find students.
  • If a student must leave early due to unforeseen circumstances and an email was not sent before 8:30am, they must be signed out at the school office by an adult.
  • If a student is unwell, they MUST report to their teacher and must never leave the school without permission. The school will call home and arrangements will be made for the student to be collected. Students must not contact home themselves to make arrangements – they must go through the school office.