• Remote Schooling

Some important points to remember

  • Attendance for the day is taken each morning during live tutor time at 8:30am. Students are expected to be up and ready to participate as if it were a regular school day. If your child is unwell and cannot participate or has an appointment and will be missing for part of the day, please email attendance@sandymountparketss.ie as usual.
  • Attendance will be taken for live classes.
  • Student engagement, through submission of work, will be monitored.
  • School rules apply; this includes dress code, code of behaviour and the acceptable use policy.
  • Teachers will use Microsoft Teams and OneNote to communicate with classes, share work, facilitate group learning and provide live lessons and support via video call.
  • Depending on their timetable, students will either have a live lesson or there will be work uploaded for students to complete. Some lessons are a mix of both.
  • Live lessons are scheduled in advance by the teacher. Students should log in with their camera switched on and their microphone muted until requested to unmute. Students can blur or change their background. Headphones can be helpful where working in a shared space.
  • Wellbeing support is being provided for all students through tutor time and SPHE class and there are range of suggested resources on our website here. Additional support is being provided for some students through one to one calls with SNAs or teachers, small group classes and there is an enhanced schedule of support as needs arise. The SEN team has and will be in touch with those students and parents.
  • If you have subject related concerns please get in touch with the subject teacher directly. If you have a more general concern please get in touch with the tutor. More serious concerns can be raised with the Progress Leader who will refer on as appropriate.
  • As all communication is taking place remotely, staff are inundated with messages, emails, creating assignments, marking, feedback etc. We wish to direct staff time as much as possible to providing high quality learning and teaching and supporting students to engage and participate successfully in remote schooling. Before sending an email – ask your child have they checked Teams, OneNote, their emails, asked a classmate. Read the Tip Sheet, check the website or Twitter for updates.
  • Patience. With your child and us and the current situation. It is an extremely challenging time and not every day will go smoothly. We are all balancing home and work lives whilst trying to ensure our young people stay well mentally and physically and continue their learning. It is not easy. Things can and will go wrong, the WiFi will let us down or your child may become overwhelmed. The adults may feel overwhelmed. You may feel that your child could work harder or you wish they’d go easier on themselves. A routine helps with breaks and fresh air built into the day. Good sleep is essential. Teachers are responsive to student needs, encourage students to get in touch if they are having a bad day and deadlines could be extended. If something seems to be going badly, give it some time – problems often resolve themselves.


Remote Teaching and Learning Plan

Remote Learning Tip Sheet