First Year Admission 2021

72 places have been offered and accepted for entry to first year 2021. The places were offered according to our Admission Policy. Should places become available, they will be offered according to the waitlist. We would like to accommodate all students who wish to attend Sandymount Park ETSS but we are limited by the size of our temporary accommodation. We ask parents/guardians to get in touch with local politicians to seek their support to progress the plans for our permanent school building.

Our ASD Special Class is full and we have no places to offer for first year 2021. We will not be in a position to offer more places until we move to permanent accommodation and open a second ASD Special Class. We urge parents/guardians of children with statements of need for specialist education provision to engage with the SENO, whose responsibility it is to secure appropriate accommodation. The SENOs can request that the Minister use her new powers to instruct schools to open ASD classes, there is a deficit of specialist classes in secondary schools in the catchment area of Dublin 2, 4, 6, 8.