• CBAs – A Guide for Parents

What is a CBA? How does it work?

Each student will undertake a number of Classroom-Based Assessments, facilitated by their teacher, throughout their Junior Cycle. There are 2 CBAs to be completed per subject (1 in second year and 1 in third year) & 1 CBA to be completed per short course (in third year). All CBAs are specified at common level.

These Classroom-Based Assessments provide students with opportunities to demonstrate their understanding and skills in a way which would not be possible in a formal examination.  The assessments associated with CBAs cover a range of activities including oral tasks, written work of different types, practical or designing and making tasks, artistic performances, scientific experiments, projects or other suitable tasks depending on the subject in question.

They take place during normal class time during a designated CBA window. For more information please see the attached document.