October 12th whole school trip to Dublin Zoo. Dublin Zoo is a haven of wildlife and a large living classroom for all ages, students and staff thoroughly enjoyed the day learning outdoors.

2nd and 3rd year students took part in the Conservation Workshop, which begins with a history of zoos, looking at Dublin Zoo as a case study. It then covered the role of zoos in modern conservation, their importance for the breeding of endangered species and their role in re-introduction programmes. Focusing on species within Dublin Zoo, the group discussed the conservation challenges faced by these species and how the Zoo supports these species in the wild.

Try Clodagh’s Dublin Zoo Kahoot – how much do you remember?

October 9th Building Learning Power. Students engaged in a day of activities related to metacognition (thinking about thinking) and building learning power. Building learning power is about helping students to become better learners. The aims of the day are:

  • To make sure that students enjoy learning as much as possible!​
  • To prepare students for a lifetime of learning ​
  • To prepare students not just for tests, but for the tests of life​
  • To provide students with the language of learning​
  • To show students how they learn best

October 5th – 9th is Dyslexia Awareness Week. A student led week of activities aimed at increasing awareness about what it means to be dyslexic and the many various ways it can affect different people. Watch our Dyslexia and Me video

Students deliver a presentation to all classes to increase knowledge and dispel myths about dyslexia.

September 26th European Day of Languages

Try out the quiz: https://create.kahoot.it/v2/details/e20bdac4-0cbe-4c69-b0be-eaeb1bc5adae

September 22nd Study Skills Workshop for 3rd year students With Ger from The Super Generation.