Our vision is for Sandymount Park Educate Together Secondary School to become a school of teaching and learning excellence where students will flourish; enabled to reach their full potential whilst becoming confident, considerate, active members of society.

We aim to create a vibrant, welcoming school community in which every student feels a sense of belonging and are given the opportunity to reach not only their full  potential academically but also the opportunity to reach their full potential socially, creatively and ethically; conscious of their place in the world and their power to affect change.

We are an inclusive community that values students for who they are, their hard work, participation, kindness and respect. Students are encouraged to actively participate in all aspects of school life, fostering connectedness to the school environment, curriculum, policies and culture. We have the highest of expectations for students’ behaviour and learning; students will be challenged and supported, encouraged to take risks, experiment to continually advance their learning and development.

Our values include: Kindness, Respect, Empathy, Hard Work, Participation, Curiosity, Creativity, Democracy, Community.

Blueprint for Educate Together Second-Level Schools