• Welcome

Welcome to Sandymount Park

I really enjoy going here because it has a friendly atmosphere that’s great for working and learning in.

When I arrived in September, even though I didn’t know very many people, I quickly made friends because it was easy to settle in and I started to enjoy going at once. Even though it was hard because of COVID-19, (you couldn’t see anyone’s face and most things were online) I started to feel at home soon after I joined.

As well as the core subjects and optionals, there are plenty of extracurricular subjects to choose from, like art club, Ultimate Frisbee, maths club, newspaper club, board games and homework club (just to name a few).

The school is a great place to learn in and has a very friendly environment, which makes the subjects that we learn very enjoyable.

Thanks for reading my short piece.

Naoise Hague — 1st year