• School Procedures

— Students will be on time for school and class
— If a student is late to school, they must sign in at the school office and have a note of
explanation in the journal/email/phone call from their parent/guardian
— Students will attend school every day, remain for the full school day and if absent, the
school will be notified of the reason for the absence. The school is legally obliged to keep a
record of all absences and to inform the DES at the appropriate time.
— Parents/guardians should use the email address attendance@sandymountparketss.ie to
notify the school of absence giving the reason and a copy of the medical cert where
— If a student needs to leave school early, email attendance@sandymountparketss.ie stating
the time and giving permission. This must be done by 8.30am on the morning the student is
to leave early. If an email is not received by 8:30am, the student must be signed out at the
school office by an adult. Students must remember to come to the school office and sign out at the stated time.
— If a student is unwell, they must report to their teacher and must never leave the school
without permission. The school will call home and arrangements will be made for the
student to be collected.
— If a student is absent from class because they are involved in co or extra-curricular
activities, the assigned homework must still be completed