• School Procedures

Extracts from the Code of Behaviour Sandymount-Park_Code-of-Behaviour_2022.pdf (sandymountparketss.ie)



—Students will be on time for school and class

—If a student is late to school, they must sign in at the school office and parent/guardian submit a note of explanation via the VSWare App.

—Students will attend school every day, remain for the full school day and if absent, the school will be notified of the reason for the absence. The school is legally obliged to keep a record of all absences and to inform the Department of Education at the appropriate time.

—Parents/guardians should use the VSWare App to notify the school of absence giving the reason and a copy of the medical cert where appropriate.

—If a student needs to leave school early, notification must be submitted via the VSWare App. This must be done by 8.30am on the morning the student is to leave early. If notification is not received by 8:30am, the student must be signed out at the school office by an adult. Students must come to the office to sign out when leaving early, staff are not available to go to the classroom to tell a student that they are leaving early.

—If a student is unwell, they must report to their teacher/school office. The school will contact home to make arrangements for collection as necessary. Students must never leave the school without permission and should not contact parents directly by phone or email during the school day.

—If a student is absent from class because they are involved in co or extra-curricular activities, the assigned homework must still be completed.

General Behaviour

—Students must follow all Covid-19 Health and Safety Protocols.

—Students will dress in accordance with the School Dress Code.

—Students will treat themselves, fellow students, all school staff and visitors to the school with respect and will have consideration for the rights and feelings of others.

—Students will cooperate with and follow the guidance of all staff members. Students will cooperate with and be kind to each other.

—Students will be respectful, polite and considerate of others while using the canteen and outdoor spaces.

—Students will be polite and considerate of others while travelling to and from school, demonstrating our school values and conscious of the fact that their behaviour reflects on our school community.

—Students will keep their mobile phones/personal devices in their lockers during the school day. They will not use their iPads or mobile phone to record or photograph any person or activity related to school without prior permission.

—Students will not send messages, emails, make phone calls or use any social media during the school day, unless under direct teacher instruction.

—If a student uses their phone or iPad inappropriately the device may be confiscated, held in the principal’s/deputy principal’s office and will be returned only to the parent/guardian.

—Students will show respect for all property and equipment in the school and on the school premises.

—Students will not throw litter or food and will assist with keeping the school clean and tidy.

—Chewing gum is always prohibited in school.

—Energy/Caffeinated drinks are always prohibited in school.

—Lockers may only be accessed before and after school and during break and lunch times. The locker may not be accessed between classes.

—Students must seek permission from the teacher to use the bathroom during class. Permission must be written in the journal. Disruption to class time should be kept to a minimum.