• Transition Year

In Sandymount Park ETSS, we strive to create a vibrant, welcoming school community in which every student feels a sense of belonging. Our aim is for Sandymount Park ETSS to become a school of teaching and learning excellence where students will flourish; enabled to reach their full potential whilst becoming confident, considerate, active members of society.

Our values include: Kindness, Respect, Empathy, Hard Work, Participation, Curiosity, Creativity, Democracy, Community.

Our vision and values are underpinned by three core principles: Teaching and Learning Excellence, Positive Relationships, and Student Voice.


Sandymount Park ETSS’s first Transition Year (TY) Program is grounded in these interconnected principles which are central to all aspects of school life. Our TY program is divided into eight strands: Health, Language, STEM, Aesthetics, Environment & Society, Enterprise, the World of Work and Communication, with a unifying theme of personal growth and development through opportunity and challenge.

It is essential that Transition Year Programmes offer a challenge to pupils in all areas of their development and our aims are to empower students with opportunities:

  • To discover and develop their individual talents, aptitudes and abilities.
  • To become more independent and self-aware, as individuals and as learners.
  • To engage in experiences with an emphasis on individual responsibility and participation.
  • To experience the world of work and further develop as confident, considerate, active members of society.

Transition Year Strands