• Transition Year

In Sandymount Park ETSS, we strive to create a vibrant, welcoming school community in which every student feels a sense of belonging. Our aim is for Sandymount Park ETSS to become a school of teaching and learning excellence where students will flourish; enabled to reach their full potential whilst becoming confident, considerate, active members of society.

Our values include: Kindness, Respect, Empathy, Hard Work, Participation, Curiosity, Creativity, Democracy, Community.

Our vision and values are underpinned by three core principles: Teaching and Learning Excellence, Positive Relationships, and Student Voice.



What is Transition Year?

The Transition Year is a one-year programme that forms the first year of a three-year senior cycle. It is designed to act as a bridge between the Junior Cycle and Leaving Certificate programmes. Each school designs its own Transition Year programme, within set guidelines, to suit the needs and interests of its students.

Transition Year offers learners an opportunity to mature and develop without the pressure of an examination. It also provides an opportunity for learners to reflect on, and develop an appreciation of, the value of learning in preparing them for the ever-changing demands of the adult world of work, further and higher education and relationships.

There is no state examination at the end of Transition Year. Assessment is usually carried out on an ongoing basis and can include school-based assessment of projects or portfolios, oral, aural, practical and written activities. – NCCA

Aims of the Transition Year Programme

Sandymount Park ETSS’s Transition Year (TY) Programme is grounded in the interconnected principles of excellence in teaching and learning, positive relationships and student voice which are central to all aspects of school life. Our TY programme is divided into eight strands: Health, Language, STEM, Aesthetics, Humanities, Enterprise, the World of Work and Communication, with a unifying theme of personal growth and development through opportunity and challenge.

It is essential that Transition Year Programmes offer a challenge to pupils in all areas of their development and our aims are to empower students with opportunities:

  • To discover and develop their individual talents, aptitudes and abilities.
  • To experience a year where the emphasis will be on self-awareness and independent learning.
  • To engage in experiences with an emphasis on individual responsibility and participation.
  •  To broaden their educational experiences beyond the classroom within a safe working environment.
  • To experience the world of work and further develop as confident, considerate, active members of society.
  • To facilitate a smooth transition of students from Junior Cycle to Senior Cycle.

Benefits of Transition Year Programme

  • The Transition Year Programme challenges students to develop a broad skill set.
  • TY candidates more likely to be ‘educationally adventurous’- try new subjects, discover topics linked to their subject independently.
  • TY students generally achieve higher grades when completing Leaving Cert.
  • Students can make informed choices about academic studies and work placements.

(Statistics from Education by the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI)

Transition Year Opportunities

Transition year can give students opportunities to:

  • Make informed choices about Leaving Certificate subjects through subject sampling.
  • Develop a variety of new skills across a variety of areas.
  • Discover new talents.
  • Learn more about the working world through work experience.
  • Learn through experiences outside of the classroom.
  • Work as part of a team and learn about co-operation and leadership.
  • Adhere to strict deadlines for projects and assessments.
  • Focus on independent and self-directed learning.
  • Grow in confidence as a person through discovering new strengths.
  • Add a valuable set of experiences to their CV.

Transition Year is a fantastic opportunity for students to develop several personal, social, and academic skills to prepare them for their future. In all areas of Transition Year, we strive to encourage, promote and uphold our 4 featured values – Fun, Friendship, Freedom and Future. Tailoring this programme to meet the needs of our students is a priority for us. Student participation and engagement enhances their experience and allows them to gain the most from every opportunity this year provides.

There is plenty of work to be done along with a lot fun to be had!

Susan Flynn

TY Coordinator

Structure of Transition Year in Sandymount Park

Transition Year Subjects 2022-2023

Core Subjects

  • English
  • Irish
  • Maths
  • Modern Foreign Language (French or Spanish)


  • Humanities (History, Geography)
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics


  • Enterprise
  • Art
  • Politics and Society
  • German
  • Young Social Innovators
  • Psychology

Other Learning Experiences

  • PE
  • World of Work
  • SPHE
  • Aesthetics (Music/Performance/Event Management)
  • Ethical Education

Work Experience

Work experience is seen as a key part of Transition Year in Sandymount Park ETSS. Students are encouraged to source their own work and therefore must take responsibility for this. The summer holiday after their Junior Certificate examinations is an ideal time to start securing placements as there is a lot of demand for various job opportunities.

Aims of Transition Year Work Experience Programme

  • To prepare students for adult and working life
  • To develop an awareness of work and the workplace
  • To develop their self-confidence and personality
  • To increase their information about specific areas of work

Dates of Transition Year Work Placements 2023-2024

Week 1: Monday 20th – Friday 24th November

Week 2: Monday 29th  January – Friday 2nd February

Week 3: Monday 8th- Friday 12th April

Student progress to be monitored by Transition Year Coordinator, Susan, through contact with employers and/or visits to places of work where appropriate.

 Transition Year Work Placements Selection – November 2022

  • Chapters Bookstore
  • NCAD
  • Drury PR
  • NCBI, Ringsend
  • SOAR
  • Ringsend Rockschool
  • The Law Library
  • Ringsend and Irishtown Community Centre
  • Artmines
  • Haven Pharmacy
  • Detail Design Studio
  • Runzone
  • School of Medicine, Trinity College Dublin
  • Ringsend Community Forum
  • Specsavers
  • Temple Street Hospital
  • Primary Schools
  • Tesco, Sandymount
  • School of Art and Design, TUD
  • Dunnes Stores, HQ

Flexible Learning Opportunities secured for Transition Year students in 2022-2023:

  • Look into Law (Bar of Ireland Transition Year Programme)
  • Mini- Med Transition Year Programme (Royal College of Surgeons)
  • Walk in My Shoes (St. Patricks Hospital)
  • Transition Year Programme (Google)
  • An Garda Síochána Transition Year Programme (Kevin Street)
  • Transition Year Programme (Bristol Myers Squibb)