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Blended Learning

Every student learns differently and the built-in tools for education provided by today’s technology enables learners of all needs and learning styles to access, demonstrate and record their learning in the way that suits them best. A blended learning approach incorporating the best practices of traditional teaching and learning with the wealth of multi-media tools, educational platforms and accessibility features provided by technology has been shown to increase student engagement and learning outcomes as well as providing more opportunities for both teachers and students to personalise student learning.

In Sandymount Park, learning and teaching is enhanced with the use of iPad and Office 365. Students are encouraged to work collaboratively and independently, developing metacognitive skills to enable them to become self directed learners. Technology is harnessed to enhance the human to human contact that is essential to learning. Office 365 is our Virtual Learning Environment and is used by students and teachers to explore, create, collaborate, assess, reflect, give feedback and access and store information.


Wriggle specialise in Digital Learning for Education. With a team of support personnel, teachers and technology specialists on staff and over 30 years’ experience in delivering learning solutions to schools and education centres. They supply iPads and Mobile Device Management license for our students. They operate a dedicated store for the school each year.

Please follow this link for information regarding purchase of the iPad