There is a large amount of academic research to show that homework has a positive and significant effect on student achievement. The studies are clear; students who regularly complete homework will perform better academically.

In Sandymount Park ETSS we want all students to achieve their academic potential. Therefore, positive engagement with homework is highly valued. Student engagement with homework will form part of the Other Areas of Learning award on our Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement.

Positive engagement with homework occurs when students:

  • Keep track of homework using the journal and OneNote
  • Regularly complete homework on time
  • Complete homework to the best of their ability – demonstrating effort
  • Collaborate on homework with other students when necessary

Students, teachers, parents and the school each have a role to play to ensure successful engagement with homework.


  • Use the journal and OneNote to track homework and access instructions
  • Complete and submit homework on time
  • Complete homework to a high standard – demonstrating effort
  • Catch up on homework missed due to illness/attendance at matches etc.
  • Ask for help when there is an issue with homework
  • Use teacher feedback to improve the standard of your work


  • Give written instructions via the journal or OneNote
  • Differentiate assignments where necessary
  • Assess homework using a variety of methods – peer and self-assessment, assessed in class, assessed outside of class
  • Give feedback – oral/written
  • Affirm good practice


  • Check the journal and OneNote regularly to ensure students are on track with homework
  • Sign the journal each week
  • Communicate to the tutor/teacher if there are ongoing issues regarding homework


  • Track and record student engagement with homework
  • Affirm effort and hard-work with homework
  • Communicate to parents how students are engaging with homework
  • If issues arise; work with the student, teacher and parent to address the issues and find a way forward together