Events scheduled for the week of October 24th

We have a very busy last week ahead and huge thanks to teachers and students who have planned an exciting and enriching variety of events for this week. We have three Sandymount Park firsts – House Day, Library Launch, Festival of Feelings and old favourites, SciFest and the Sandymount Park Halloween Fundraiser return.
Tuesday 25th 8:30-9:30 – Coffee Morning for parents of TY
Tuesday 25th from 11am – Our first House Event planned to build community with a focus on school values.
Tuesday 25th 3pm – Lara has transformed our school library and she has planned an official launch with her team of librarians at 3pm. There will be visitors and treats and all are welcome.
Wednesday 26th all-day Festival of Feelings for 2nd years with the support of the TY Amber Flag Team. This is an important wellbeing event and huge thanks to all involved.
Thursday 27th all day SciFest for TY students with judging by lunchtime and clean up after lunch. This a big event for TY and we will have external judges joining us for the day.
Friday 28th all day ‘One Day Together’ Sandymount Park Halloween Fundraiser. This is always such a fun event and a lovely way to round off this half term.