First Year Festival of Learning

On Friday 26th May from 11.30am-1pm,we will hold a Festival of Learning to celebrate  students’ learning journey throughout first year in Sandymount Park Educate Together Secondary School. The Festival of Learning will be in the format of a showcase, where students exhibit their learning from this year.

To represent their learning journey, students should:

1.Select three moments or highlights in their learning journey in 1st Year. The moments should be from a variety of subject areas, co-curricular activities or extra-curricular involvement. For example, a history project they are proud of, a science video created, a subject copy that shows a progression in skills, a piece of writing, a competition won, an artwork created etc. Choose each moment from a different area.

2.Our focus for this year is the key skill of‘ Being Creative’. Students should outline how they activated and developed this key skill through the selected learning moments.

3.Using a presentation method of choice or a variety of presentation methods, (poster, scrapbook, demonstration, hardback, copy, Educreations, ShowMe, Canva) give an account of:

•Why each learning moment was selected i.e. its significance

•What was learned

•What went well

•What might be done differently

•How the key skill of ‘being creative’ was activated

Students will be provided with a presentation display and tables

4.Students use the Success Criteria/Features of Quality as a guide.